Christmas Carol Theology

What other time of the year do you constantly hear songs of praise to God across radio stations and public places like the grocery store and shopping malls? Even when the world around us spends more and more time focusing away from Christ as the Christmases go on, every now and again it rings out: “Joy to the world, the Lord is come!” “Born is the King of Israel!” Exclamations of praise and joy keep leaping forth from these time tested Christmas hymns.

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Highlights: Forgiveness by J.C. Ryle

The name of Charles Spurgeon is well known among many Christians across many denominations, and for good reason! Ryle however, writing around the same time, is much lesser known. I hope that will change though. Ryle, like Spurgeon, is pastoral and practical. He is very easy to read, straightforward, and full of Scripture quotations. While some of his works consist of commentaries, most of his books are simply compilations of his sermons.

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Whatever Is Just

Justice exists because of the character of the God who exists. I think we should understand that justice isn’t a virtue that God invented for us to have as part of our human societies. The only reason we, on the human side, have an understanding of justice, is because God exists. God provides the moral absolute necessary to have a 100% sure concept of right and wrong.

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